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Annual certification is in process

Traditionally in January construction and installation Company “Newest Energy Programs” provides training for technical staff in two directions - industrial safety and work technology.

Head of Quality and qualification administration Oleg Slonskyy told that while planning the training programs all the shortcomings and problems detected during the year were taken into account. 4 programs were developed in total; the educational process covered 46 employees of the company and there is separate program for transport service. The courses began on January, 16 and lasted four days. The following two weeks examination of received knowledge and certification takes place. 
Each employee confirms his group or assigned to a new group of electrical safety and according to the company Order one is granted rights to perform certain works. This learning process enables company management to learn and respond promptly to all sorts of problems arising during the construction of the object, because studies are carried out in the form of two-way communication. However this time there were no complaints or reproaches from “students” - noted Oleg Slonskyy.

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