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General staff meeting

Over six-year activity electrical installation company “Newest Energy Programs” had significantly increased the number of staff and its capacity. Many changes happened in the structure of the company.

Company Director Andrii Bielientiev said that today we can confidently speak about the achievements and prospect for the nearest future. The company is willing to expand the geography of its activity, engage in challenging and interesting projects. “Newest Energy Programs” has everything necessary – highly qualified collective and production capacities. Of course there are some problems. The purpose of this staff meeting is to hear and understand everyone. The day before the meeting an anonymous survey was conducted. Outstanding issues had been revealed. Company management in return gave clear answers and defined the deadlines. First of all it concerned arranging the territory of the company’s base and improving the living conditions of electricians’ brigade.

During last year the company introduced new management techniques which greatly increased the efficiency of labor. Now the employee motivation system is being developed. Its introduction is planned for the beginning of 2013.

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