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Difficult working conditions do not hinder

Reconstruction of electrical network in mountainous area is quite a challenge. However employees of electrical installation Company “Newest Energy Programs” are used to difficulties and caprices of nature. Currently the first phase of 0,4-10 kV electrical network reconstruction is being proceeded in village Brusturiv, Kosiv region. In addition to complete reconstruction of dilapidated networks using self-holding isolated wires additional transformer substations will be replaced. 

“NEP” employees foresee that having started work of the first phase in April 2012 it would not be finished until July. Pouring rain and mountainous rocky soil are slowing working progress down. Brusturiv inhabitants wait impatiently for completion of reconstruction. Old wooden pylons and dangling wires here and there used to put peasants in danger. Blackouts became a usual thing. “NEP” plans to change 19,4 km of 0,4 kV overhead line, build 3 km of 10 kV power line and 2 additional transformer substations in Brusturiv. 792 wooden pylons and four substations will be replaced with new ones.

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