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No sooner said than done

Electricians of “Newest Energy Programs” left only good memories behind in village Sloboda in Kolomyia region. At the end of April 2012 the reconstruction of 14.5 km of 0.4-10 kV power lines was performed there. Using self-holding isolated wires in the reconstruction not only improved the esthetic look of Sloboda streets but also increased safety and simplified maintenance as well as reduced energy loss. During the period the crew worked in Sloboda, they were supported by locals. Realizing the difficultly and responsibility of work electricians do, peasants met temporary inconvenience with understanding. In return the workers of “NEP” gladly responded to the request of school principle Oksana Marchuk to install new doors in the building. “We are very thankful to the management of “NEP” for understanding - said Oksana Vasylivna. There are a lot of problems at school and as it is hard to solve them on our own we ask for help everyone we can. But unfortunately not everyone is ready to help”.

Deputy Director of Technical Issues of “Newest Energy Programs” Yuri Levytskyy pointed that construction and reconstruction of power lines is always an inconvenience for local residents. And when there is understanding the company tries somehow to help peasants and leave good memories behind..

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