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Construction of high-voltage line

In July electrical installation Company “Newest Energy Programs” being the general contractor of PJSC “Prykarpattyaoblenergo” started the construction of high-voltage line Iltsi-110kV.

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General staff meeting

Over six-year activity electrical installation company “Newest Energy Programs” had significantly increased the number of staff and its capacity. Many changes happened in the structure of the company.

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Energy saving for
educators of Huta and Porohy

The electrical network renewal is proceeded in village Porohy in Bogorodchany region.

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Difficult working conditions do not hinder

Reconstruction of electrical network in mountainous area is quite a challenge.

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Summer in mountain valley

Everyone knows that good rest is the key to productive work. With this in mind staff of “NEP” went to the mountain valley of Verkhniy Yasenov in Verkhovyna region where an annual festival “Summer in mountain valley” took place on June, 10..

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