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Construction of 10 kV power line Usteriky-Biloberizka, reconstruction of 0.4-10 kV electrical network in Cheremoshne, Verkhovyna region

Verhovyna region is actively developing. New tourist complexes are build, infrastructure is expanding. As a result we have growing demand for high-quality and reliable electricity supply. Construction of power line in villages Usteriky-Biloberizka lasted one year. It is hard to work in the highlands; weather conditions create obstacles for work of electricians. However the line was successfully commissioned.


Reconstruction of substation 35/10 kV, Mizhgirya

Reconstruction of substations is of a great importance for customers because at any time of year they will have constant and qualitative power supply.


Reconstruction of electrical network 0,4-10 kV in village Utoropy, Kosiv region.


Construction of 10 kV overhead line, Delyatyn.

Rearrangement of overhead line 10 kV joining in Delyatyn was extremely complicated not only because of the mountainous area conditions (impassable thickets and wetlands), but also because of landslides that took place here after heavy rainfalls.


Reconstruction of electrical network 0,4-10 kV, Yablunitsa of Yaremche City Council.

Working in the mountainous areas of the region in winter was a real challenge. Today only good memories remain!


Reconstruction of electrical network 0,4-10 kV Sloboda, Kolomyya region.

Availability of specialized equipment had greatly helped during works in the village Sloboda, Kolomyya region. It made finishing of electrical network reconstruction in time possible.

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